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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

If you use the downloaded image directly on YouTube, there is a copyright risk. However, if you use it on a different social media platform or domain, there will be no problem. It is still advisable to make minor changes before reusing the image.

You can legally download any Youtube thumbnail image you want. However, using the downloaded image directly will be a copyright violation. In other words, you can do your download, but you need to originalize the image before using this image.

Your downloads using our site are completed instantly. For this you need to press the "Download" button. You will first be shown a preview of the video thumbnail. If the preview matches the image you want to download, you can complete your download instantly by pressing the "Download" button again.

As soon as you click on the video in Youtube, you can download it directly using the link in the domain section of the internet browser. In the mobile application, you can obtain the video link by pressing the "Share" button under your video and saying "Copy link".

For a more remarkable design, you should definitely add an image from your own video to your cover image with tactics such as a different size and blurring. In addition, putting yourself with a surprised expression or adding a remarkable moment in your video will help you get a much more remarkable cover image.

You can use Picsart, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Paint, Paint, Vita and similar applications to customize your images that you have downloaded through our website. All of these applications offer the right to make changes in all matters for you.

All your thumbnail downloads are saved in the "Downloads" file unless you have made a special download arrangement on the device you are using. If you prefer a special download folder or area, your thumbnail will be downloaded to the area you have specified.

You can perform unlimited downloads throughout the day using the thumbnail download tool on our site. There are no limitations or restrictions on our site for downloading. Upon completion of a download, our site will be ready for a new download.

If you publish your video without any cover art editing and without uploading a custom image, YouTube will randomly select a scene for you in the video. The selected scene will not be distinctive and eye-catching for your video because it will not have enough aesthetic features.

In a well-organized thumbnail work, it will not be understood that you have made any download. In transactions with our company, you are not asked for any username, and the person who owns the video cannot learn that the video thumbnail has been downloaded in a notification or similar way.

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