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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

We do not have any obligation to open a membership while benefiting from all our paid or free services through our web address. For this reason, you can benefit from any service you want without being a member. You do not need to be a member to find an ID address.

The ID number is not always used to find the username, but also to find the username on the ID number. By accessing the ID number of a person whose username you do not know, you can then query the username. You can benefit from the application free of charge through our company.

Since Instagram uses an ID address finding system, we do not even have a user whose account has been stolen and who has come to us with a complaint about this issue. There is no harm to your account and there is no obvious harm in finding the ID address alone. Your account is not stolen when you receive transactions from our company over the internet.

When using the Instagram ID finder tool, we do not have an application such as giving your account information or password. We do not request the password of your account for any transaction you will perform through our web address. Since you do not give your password, there is no security of your account.

To find the Instagram ID name, you must first find the username of the person. When you query the ID number through the username, you can use the number to access the account's followers, photos or account information.

Instagram ID number is given to each user individually. A number is defined on behalf of the user through the Instagram algorithm and this number is not given to another account and is not used by another account. For this reason, you can learn the private ID number of an account you are curious about or your own account through our company.

Instagram ID address is determined through user information and account information. When you change your Instagram username, the ID number of your account also changes. This is why changing usernames frequently is not considered positive. Changing the username is not a positive situation for Instagram as it will cause the ID number to change.

All of our services that you use for free and by purchasing through our web address are reliable. In addition, all of our services are approved and approved by Instagram. There is no security vulnerability in the application and no security vulnerability occurs in the accounts you make ID inquiries.

Instagram ID is a unique and unique identification number given to each user through the application. Each user is given a separate account and users can access a lot of information about the account through this number. While the ID number is used in all areas of the world, accounts are defined through a single international ID number.

Instagram ID finding system is specially designed through our company. By typing the username you want to make an ID query, the ID number comes to your screen within a few minutes and at the end of the process, you can save the number so that you do not query again if you wish.

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  • Anestassia Tore

    All of the Instagram apps worked correctly. I have used packages before. I've found the site reliable. It gives immediate results, they do not intend to mislead or defraud you. A site we can trust.

  • Darci Albrecht

    A reliable and fast system. All operations for Instagram id gave correct results. Transactions helped me a lot. Good luck to the team and the site founder in this regard. It's also good that it's free. Thank you so much.

  • Addi Prent

    Instagram ID finder is reliable. It provides information quickly and professionally. I could not find another site that works so well in Turkey. I hope the team continues to work in the same way. Thank you.

  • Brandie Kirby

    I tried it several times and was very satisfied. Instagram ID finder gives information such as identity information, number of followers and followed as it is. This process has worked great for me. In the short term, Insta Dealer became a place used by my wife and friend. The support is excellent for being a social media phenomenon.

  • Jannelle Gabby

    Feyon helped me improve many of my social media addresses. I can't thank you enough. Its free apps also meet expectations. I think it is a very self-developed site for current transactions. None of the packages I've used so far have produced ridiculous results. It also provided a professional service of ID finder for Instagram. Thank you to your team.

  • Lotte Courtney

    He showed all the information from Istanbul to the four corners of Turkey as true. Sometimes such algorithms use these processes to get information. But Feyon is reliable, fast and really gave the information as it is. Instagram ID finder works well guys. If you're going to use it, I think it's reliable.

  • Meredithe Uriah

    There are free options for Instagram, I didn't believe it at first. I thought it was used for advertising etc. But it has nothing to do with it, the ID information came immediately. Moreover, it is fast and easy to access. I tried it on mobile and computer. You can trust this site. Insta Dealer does his job well.

  • Reeva Tannie

    This is the first time I have used the tools of this site. Almost all of them work fine. The actions in the Instagram ID finder tool are correct. The information is given as it really is. Insta dealer team worked well, there are useful things for social media transactions. I think it has a reliable and solid infrastructure. I advise.

  • Onida Staford

    They set up such a system without any money. The Instagram ID finder tool works just fine. Especially the number of followers and the information followed are correct. I tried on my own account, I found a few more accounts. Thank you for your free services. Have a nice day.

  • Latrina Ferd

    I am satisfied with all the applications I use for Instagram. ID finder is very functional and fast. Thank you to the owner of the site for providing it for free. The credentials are correct, the transaction is successful. Like all other transactions, the team thought about this in detail. Thanks a lot.

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