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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

Absolutely, no. If you take advantage of our instagram follower purchase packages within our company, you can understand for yourself how reliable and high quality it is. In our company, there are no problems arising from trust or situations where you will experience risk.

The process of buying Instagram followers is quite easy and simple. Customers who are experiencing it for the first time can get information by contacting the live support line if they wish. However, you only need to type the username and make the payment, and the followers you have purchased will be defined to your account. No external action is required.

Instagram follower packages vary according to every budget. Here, if you take advantage of the packages suitable for your own budget, there is not the slightest problem. High-level security measures are taken in payment. You can benefit from our service by using any payment method you wish.

When buying Instagram followers, you are never asked for your account password or personal information about your account. You only need to write the user information for which account you want followers. When you encounter pages that request external information, it is recommended that you ignore them.

It is not possible for the real followers you buy for Instagram to damage your account. When you buy followers for both your own account and another user's account, you can use them without any problems. Our platform cares about customer satisfaction. It prevents problems that may occur in advance.

Since the Instagram followers you will buy within our company consist of real and organic users, it is possible for your account to grow over time. In a short time, it takes its place in your user account among the phenomenon and popular accounts.

Absolutely, no. It is not possible for the followers you purchase within our company to be dropped or deleted later. We have a compensation guarantee. In the room with minimal problems, solution-oriented approaches to problems are realized. Followers will not fall and increase more because it is organic.

The followers you buy for Instagram within our company are defined to your account immediately with your payment. Here, it is not possible for our customers to wait or for customers not to receive their followers after payment. When user comments are checked, you can be sure that there is a fast transaction guarantee.

If you are going to buy Instagram followers, our customer service is active 24/7 if there are details you are curious about or question marks in your head. You can get information from here as you wish. At the same time, live support will contact you after the transaction to report on the process.

Absolutely, no. The followers you will buy for instagram within our company are defined to your account with your payment. Trust and confidentiality are given importance. Therefore, you can benefit from peace of mind. Since the services we offer are reliable, it does not harm your account.

You can use mobile payment, credit card, debit card and our methods for your purchases on our site. Your payment transactions are completed in a highly secure manner with SSL and 3D Secure.

There are no limitations on your purchases with our company. You can experience faster growth by purchasing the package you have already purchased or not purchased instantly without waiting for the completion of your previous purchase.

Specially created special packages include bronze combo, silver combo, gold combo and platinum combo packages. These packages include organic followers, monthly automatic likes, monthly automatic tracking, monthly interaction and monthly profile visits.

As our company, you can buy 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 and 500,000 followers for Instagram. The features included in all our packages are high quality followers, gift followers suitable for the package you receive and instant delivery guarantee.

You can buy a maximum of 500,000 followers in your purchases from our company. If this number is not enough for you, you can reach the number you want by repeating your purchase as many times as you wish.

In order to have a large account on Instagram, the number of followers should be considered first. The higher your follower count, the more other users will tend to follow you. This helps your account grow rapidly.

Our followers in the packages we offer you are organic and natural followers. Your followers have interactions on their own pages, posts and similar situations specific to real profiles. With 100% real accounts, you can safely get the number of followers you want.

Depending on the follower package you purchase, you will get likes, views, interactions and profile visits from your followers, which will help you improve your account. However, it is recommended that you take a look at our engagement packages as an extra for a successful work.

Followers are uploaded immediately after your purchase. However, it may take up to 24 hours to complete your upload. This time will vary according to the number of followers you have purchased. High numbers of followers will be completed later.

Your followers are uploaded to your account with a completely natural look and speed. Thus, the people who follow you cannot understand that you have made any purchase. In addition, Instagram does not understand that you have bought your followers and does not close your followers' accounts.

10 Değerlendirme - Average: 5/5

  • Janie Sanford

    I bought followers for my own company's Instagram account. Now my brand is much more known and recognized. Thank you for the service you have provided. With its fast payment method and shipments, it will be a site where I will always receive service for my social media accounts in the future!

  • Lindi Merell

    I bought Instagram followers for my newly opened Instagram account to grow in a short time. Payment methods are very easy and fast system! The followers I bought were uploaded to my account in a short time. No personal information is requested. A simple and understandable company, thank you.

  • Loleta Jakie

    I bought followers for my Instagram account. They sent them immediately with my payment. I had fears at first. But now I am examining and benefiting from the packages in my other accounts due to fast, reliable and quality work. I definitely recommend it for those who want to try it.

  • Corene Dirk

    Because I had few followers on my Instagram account, my photos were not getting likes. Now, with the followers I bought, I have many more likes and the fact that the followers are real has helped my account grow in a short time. And finally, I would like to thank the customer representative for his attention and meticulous work.

  • Jenelle Doug

    After my research, I came across your company. I bought followers for Instagram. Each of the followers consisted of real and Turkish users. The prices are quite affordable compared to other known sites. If anyone wants to try it, I would definitely say try it. I did not experience the slightest drop.

  • Kimberly Damiano

    There are many companies selling followers for Instagram. But your company stands out among them. I would like to thank the site representative for answering every question in detail. It is a company that focuses entirely on customer satisfaction. You can shop reliably.

  • Edwina Roldan

    I wanted to become a phenomenon account on Instagram. For this, waiting for my followers to increase naturally made me waste time. I wish I had bought followers through your company before. I took advantage of low-budget packages to try it out. Now with high packages, I have increased my followers much more.

  • Matti Vin

    On my instagram page where I sell my own products, there were not many followers. For this, I bought instagram followers through your company. Having an affordable budget was of great benefit to me. Thank you for the service you offer. My account is now much more active!

  • Alexis Randell

    This is the first time I am buying followers over the internet. I came across your company after my research. Among the recognized accounts, my own user account is now included. This situation made me very happy. I took advantage of it on recommendation. Now I recommend it to people around me. Thank you for your support.

  • Gabriell Lothario

    The company's site interface design is quite nice. I came across it on the recommendation of my friend who buys followers and likes regularly. I contacted your team at any time of the day. Thank you. My Instagram followers are now much more! I recommend it for those who want to try it.

How can I buy Instagram Followers?

We have a followers service for Instagram. Feyon.com has services for Instagram. If you want to Buy Instagram Followers, you should follow these steps:

  • First step, click Instagram Services on the home page.
  • Second step, click on Buy Followers packages.
  • Third step, choose the package you need and add it to your cart.
  • Fourth step, enter username and the information.
  • The fifth and final step, choose one of the payment methods and complete the process.

Buy Instagram Followers

With more people using social media, unique services like Buy Instagram Follower packages are becoming increasingly common. Specifically, people and corporations use all social media sites intensively.

 In this case, it's beneficial to present the brand in the best possible way. But, if the account has no or a very tiny number of followers, the user cannot introduce himself or his brand to the wider public.

Social media users publish content for a particular audience. It takes a lot of effort to produce excellent content and draw likes, comments, and followers. It can be difficult to increase an account's following. 

But, accounts with a specific audience can expand more quickly. Hence, using services to purchase Instagram followers, the social media account displays the required growth. 

Buy Instagram Followers and Step into Popularity!

By buying Instagram followers, you can acquire a range of services that are tailored to your needs. To stay one step ahead of your competitors on social media and stand out with your account, you can use Instagram follower purchase services in a quick and reliable manner.

You can use this service to grow your interactions, advance in the direction you want to go, and gain fantastic followers. With more followers on Instagram, it will be simpler for other users to contact you, which will result in a huge increase in your rate of organic engagement. 

Why to Buy Instagram Followers?

There are many different social media platforms around the world, but one of the most popular is Instagram. As an individual or business owner, you can compete successfully on this platform. 

Nonetheless, it might be challenging to grow in recognition and fandom. To meet this challenge, the prerequisites for an account must be satisfied. Of these considerations, the buy Instagram follower service is the most important. You can benefit much from this service. These advantages are

  • Your social media account can be visited by more users and you can gain organic followers. 
  • With the increase in the number of your followers, your interaction rates increase. 
  • With the increase in the number of followers and interaction rate, your profile takes its place among the prominent profiles. 
  • With intense interaction, the number of views, likes and comments is also very high.

What are the Advantages of Buying Instagram Followers from Our Site?

If you have a brand and you want this brand account to get more interaction, what you need to do for this is to use buy Instagram followers packages. The advantages you will gain thanks to this service you will receive from our site are as follows;

  • Organic and high quality followers
  • Fast shipping, 3D secure payment and guaranteed followers 
  • 24-hour live support system
  • Opportunity to sell more 
  • Achieving unachievable goals in less time
  • Cash and money order discount
  • Refunds in special and exceptional cases 
  • Guaranteed replacement 

Why is it important to increase followers?

  • With the increase in your Instagram followers, the interaction rates of the account you use will increase. 
  • Increased interaction on your account goes as a suggestion to other individuals, both individually and as a brand. In this case, it makes it possible to increase the interaction even more. 
  • If you want to increase the number of followers in your social media account in a short time, you can do this with Buy Instagram followers operation. 

What Can You Gain by Increasing Instagram Followers?

Here is the content you can earn by increasing your Instagram followers;

  • Your account can reach a wider audience. 
  • By increasing your number of followers, you can stand out from your competitors more easily. 
  • Your social media account can get more engagement. 
  • You can increase the number of followers in your account in a more economical and quality way with buy Instagram followers methods. Thus, you can also save in terms of cost and time. 
  • Instagram followers will help you reach and influence your target audience. 
  • The Instagram algorithm will perceive your social media account as a popular profile and your account will be seen by many people. 
  • You can stand out in the Instagram explore section. 
  • You can make sponsorship agreements with big brands and companies. 
  • Your social media account will be more active and you will be able to reach more people. 

Fast Follower Delivery Guarantee

  • After the payment process is completed, the purchased followers are added to the account within a short time. 
  • After the payment process, if the followers are defined late or incompletely defined in your account, we repeat the same service and refund the fee. 

Compensation against decrease

If the account you have is not remarkable by your followers, there is a possibility of a drop in followers. More followers than the number of followers you target against the possibility of your followers falling are defined to your account with the buy Instagram follower service. A warranty period of 6 months is given against follower drop. 

Secure Payment Method

You can pay for the number of followers you receive by credit card or debit card. These operations are made with SSL security certificate and the information provided during payments is not shared with third parties. It is not possible to encounter any problems when you make a payment. 

Do You Want My Password When Buying Instagram Followers?

We won't request your password when you buy Instagram followers from our website. You must keep your password a secret if you want to continue using your account safely. You shouldn't trust anyone who requests your login information and password during an Instagram follower purchase. You can be sure that these people are fraudsters.

Is Your System Reliable? Will Increasing Followers Damage My Account?

We can provide you a few examples so that you are aware of the dependability of our system. The fact that our buy Instagram follower services do not violate Instagram's rules is the most crucial of these justifications. Also, our system safeguards your private data and does not divulge it to any parties. Your information can't be read by anyone at the same time.

We conduct all of our business entirely within the bounds of the law, and up until this point, none of our clients have experienced any issues with their accounts. Thus, our method is trustworthy and does not jeopardize your account. 

How Many Instagram Followers Should I Get for My Account?

How many Instagram followers you should strive for will depend on how long it will take you to achieve your desired position. For you to keep one step ahead of your competitors in the business, your Instagram follower count must be at a high level. It would be sage to investigate your rivals' accounts and purchase Instagram followers in bulk accounts in order to surpass them. 

Instagram Account Growth Book

In the Instagram account growth book, you can find detailed and free information on how to increase the number of followers of your account. The tactics in the Instagram account growth book are as follows;

  1. Step: First of all, you should open an Instagram account and after opening your account, you should fill your profile with content that can attract people's attention. This content can be different posts, videos and stories. 
  2. You can find accounts that are big brands related to your field in your Instagram account. There may be many such branded accounts and you should take note of these accounts. By looking at the posts shared on these pages, you can send requests to all users who like them and increase your organic follower base after a certain period of time. 
  3. You should take care to make regular posts on your account and do not neglect to use tags in these posts. 
  4. You should make sure that the posts you plan to share on your account are different from your competitors and that they are in content that will excite your audience. 
  5. Another application where you can increase your number of Instagram followers will be to participate in sweepstakes. 
  6. You can contact many pages related to your account's area of interest and get information about ad buying. You can become an interesting page thanks to the content you will receive ads for. 

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers and Social Media Services Through Your Site?

There are many reasons we can count for you to supply social media services and buy Instagram follower packages through our site. These are

  • We have a quality and reliable service understanding. 
  • We prioritize the safety of our customers above all else. 
  • Your private information is encrypted through our SSL certificate and is not shared with third parties. 
  • We offer affordable follower boost packages. 
  • We make it a priority principle to act according to the demands and requests of our customers. 
  • We never compromise on our quality service policy. 


Is It Possible to Buy Instagram Followers with Mobile Payment?

The possibility of buying Instagram followers via a mobile payment method is not yet available. To activate this payment mechanism, however, a lot of work is being done. Customers will be informed as soon as the mobile payment method is uploaded to the system. 

Whilst performing your buy Instagram followers services, you can reliably make your payments even though the mobile payment method is invalid. Your information's security is protected by the system's unique protection. 

Do You Make Compensation If There is a Decline in Products after Receiving Followers?

When a product decline is a possibility, your losses are immediately made up within a window of up to six months. But, as part of this procedure, you must notify the system of any losses you incur. Therefore, it is doubtful that the bot follower process will become less active.

 Your Instagram followers may stop following you if they don't like your profile. Such occurrences should be considered. 

  • Our system offers a compensation guarantee for 6 months in case of a decrease in your products. 
  • Orders you place with the delivery option are set to start on the date you desire. The only thing you need to do is to inform our system about the time before the order. There is no additional charge for such operations. 

Steps to Buy Followers

When you want to buy followers from our site, the steps you need to perform are as follows;

  • First, go to the buy follower page. 
  • Enter the username of the page you want your followers to come to. 
  • Determine the number of followers you want in your Instagram account. 
  • Click on any of the Add to cart or Buy now buttons. 
  • After opening your cart, choose one of the reliable payment options.
  • Complete your payment. 

At the end of this whole process, the buy Instagram follower service is successfully completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The commonly asked questions part of our website has answers to any queries you may have about the actions you will take on our site as quickly as feasible. You can get in touch with us through our system, which is available, round-the-clock, and ask the questions you want if you can't find the answer to your query in these contents. 

How long does it take to install followers?

Your followers have a specific loading time when you buy them. The length of time varies depending on the kind. Before making the purchase, you may get information about how long it will take for your followers to load.

These intervals are updated frequently and change according on Instagram and the system's pace. The loading time of your desired goods is clearly displayed in the time during the purchase. 

How Do I Know the Quality of Followers?

What you need to do to understand the quality of your Instagram followers is to examine the main profiles of your followers in detail. Quality followers' profile photos are seen on their home pages and their own photos are included in their posts. 

They have people and followers they follow in their accounts. Our site offers the highest quality followers to its customers. Even the bot products purchased consist of profiles that look real. 

Will the Followers I Buy Like My Photos?

Every piece of material you share on your account can receive likes or comments from the real follower profiles you purchase. These comments and likes are entirely determined by the profile's own choices. The likelihood that each follower will like or comment varies. It is feasible to have a high level of interaction if the posts you create are relevant to the person. rate. 

What are the Difference between Free Instagram Followers Cheat Services and Followers?

You are prompted for your account password and instructed to log in by the Free Instagram Follower Cheat. He can therefore use your account whatever he pleases. This system, which accesses your account for a variety of purposes, can provide free followers for your account.

 It is vital to avoid such scenarios because these systems are unreliable. You won't be asked for a password or any other private information on our website. It provides expert assistance with a dependable service philosophy. 

What is Instagram Followers?

Instagram followers are the audience who are aware of the content you share in the application and like and comment on your posts. These users are people who want to learn every single post you share on your account. These people can look at the stories in your account, like your photos and videos, and send messages from the section called DM. 

What are the Advantages of Getting Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram followers has many advantages. Especially gaining organic followers is a challenging process, but with the advantages provided by our site, you can grow your account in a short time. Advantages of buying Instagram followers;

  • Analyzing your competitors before placing a follower purchase order ensures that you are one step ahead of the others. 
  • You can buy the products you desire according to your targeted location. 

Is There a Risk of My Account Being Closed?

Guaranteed content is offered for all services you receive from our site. All the followers you receive are sent to your account using quality software and these followers do not cause any damage to your account. Therefore, there is no situation such as closing your account with the services you receive from our site. 

What is Instagram Real Turkish Followers?

Genuine Turkish followers are accounts that have a completely real personality as the name suggests. One of the services you can utilize to get more Instagram followers is this one. Among the services offered to boost the number of followers are real Turkish followers. 

They are real people, not computer programs. As a result, it reacts to and likes every post you make on your account. Your profile can have a lot of interactions if it has these followers. 

Does Instagram Cheap Followers Benefit?

All the services you receive from our site are of high quality. This quality also includes cheap followers. Thanks to these options that contain appropriate economic content, it is possible to reach a high quality in your account. 

Is Instagram Free Reliable?

Every service we provide is of the finest quality and dependability. Safety and customer satisfaction are among our top concerns. Our Instagram follower increase services and packages' material is designed securely in accordance with these standards. 

Our trustworthy service does not ask for your password or any sensitive account information, and your posts are secure. Nonetheless, we advise you to avoid visiting websites that claim to offer a free follower trick in order to obtain your password and confidential data. 

How Long Does It Take to Increase Followers on Instagram?

Increasing the amount of followers on your Instagram account can be done in a variety of ways. The length of the followers' increase time can be greatly increased, especially when organic approaches are used. When conducting operations on our website, we place a high priority on quality and dependability. 

With each of the services we provide, we can quickly build your following and help you accomplish outstanding goals. Use our system's services to boost your Instagram follower count in the direction you desire as a result, as this is one of the most crucial things you can do. 

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