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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

It will not be possible to change your ID number that you have learned using our Tiktok ID inquiry service. These numbers are given by Tiktok and if the number is changed, your account will be completely closed. Each account has a unique number.

If you want to find out your ID number from within the app, you can look in your profile section. However, many users prefer to use special tools to find their ID. This is because the process is much faster and can be copied. With our tool, you can instantly copy your ID number and start using it anywhere you want.

Many Tiktok users today do not know their ID number or have not yet learned that there is such a number. Therefore, you will not be deficient if you do not learn your ID number. Knowing the ID number will only be effective in case of account theft.

If you make a spelling mistake, if the name you typed belongs to a user, you will get the ID address of that user. If you realize that you made a spelling mistake, you can search again and type the username correctly and get the ID number for the correct account.

It is not possible to steal or change your Tiktok ID number. The ID number is issued by Tiktok and is fully secured by Tiktok. Therefore, it will not be possible to use this number for another person or to give it to another person.

You can give your ID number to your friends or share it on your profiles in other social media accounts. Thus, people who want to follow you can easily access your account and follow or visit you. You will also increase your viewership in your Tiktok videos.

After forgetting or losing your Tiktok ID number, you can use the ID inquiry tool on our site again. Thus, you will get the chance to learn your ID number again. However, it is recommended to write it down as it will take your time to perform the process each time.

If another user obtains your Tiktok ID number, they will have the opportunity to visit your account without any problems. With the ID number, it will not be possible to find confidential information or make similar private discoveries. These numbers have the same status and characteristics as your username.

You can use our tool for as many accounts as you want or as many times as you want for your own account. There is no daily, hourly or weekly limit to using our tool. Our system is ready to use at any time and will be available again when the results of each of your searches are available.

The information needed during the ID discovery process is the username. You do not need to share your password with us or any other company in any way. If a user also asks for your password to find your ID, you should not complete the process.

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  • Hana Stirling

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    A reliable site that supports my profile for Tiktok. The Id finder works flawlessly. I have made a great improvement in my most recent transactions. My impressions plus it also had an impact on shares. Id tool also gave the credentials as it is. Thank you to the team.

  • Caresa Terence

    It is an excellent site that you can use to access up-to-date information and make transactions such as followers, likes and views. They increased my Tiktok ratings and I was able to take advantage of many free features. I was also pleased with the Tiktok ID tool. It provides fast and reliable information.

  • Dorette Wilden

    I didn't think it would be so easy to process for Tiktok id. They gave me the information immediately, and I was able to process it reliably without asking for a password. One of the names that provide professional service. Feedback is provided at any time, you can use the free algorithm you want as much as you want. Insta Dealer is one of the names you can choose in many areas, it helped me a lot.

  • Zuzana Basilius

    It is one of the rare sites that provides up-to-date information and makes fast transactions. My friend threw a link, this is how I met Insta Dealer. They immediately provided me access to my Tiktok ID information. They were also sensitive about communication. I was able to get answers to my questions, I was able to communicate instantly. They did not have any problems in this regard.

  • Melessa Warden

    It has been a professional, fast and appropriate service area. I found everything I was looking for for Tiktok. Tiktok did the ID finding process immediately, I was able to use my credentials. It is a good site in this regard, I will start using their packages.

  • Marty Axe

    The questions are returned immediately, and there is no problem with the ID finder tool. I did Tiktok operations respectively, it was very useful for me. If you want to get a professional service, you can trust this site. It has not misled me so far, I recommend it.

  • Kanya Goddart

    No tool I've used for Tiktok has failed. The apps also work on mobile and can provide information quickly. You can access the ID finder tool immediately by entering your information. Insta Dealer is doing its job, open to communication and reliable. I wanted to thank the team and the founder.

  • Marja My

    I found everything that was useful for Tiktok. I met a good algorithm that gives accurate information in the latest ID finding processes. Insta Dealer is one of the rare sites that does its job well. It is trustworthy and the information is really accurate. You can also do ID copying. I recommend it.

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