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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

Twitter voting packages are installed according to algorithm features. It has service features that you can use for a long time without damaging your profile. Users will be directed to your account by going through an organic voting that will never be noticed.

If you are going to buy Instagram story views, the packages differ according to the number of viewers. It starts from 100 story views to about 30000 story views. You can make your choice according to your own needs and budget.

In the Instagram story tracking process, even if there are minimal problems caused by the packages you have purchased, a solution-oriented approach is realized. However, if we look at user experiences, our long-time customers have not experienced the slightest problem.

When you buy Instagram stories, payment is made with 3D security measures. When using any payment method you prefer, there is no victimization here. High level security measures are offered.

The story viewers you benefit from in line with our packages for Instagram do not drop later. It is also not possible for viewers to decrease over time. Our company cares about customers and prevents transactions that will be victimized.

It is not possible for the views you buy on Instagram to be understood by a different person. Views are sent in an organic way. Since they consist of real users, it is not possible for a different person to understand these views.

When you are going to buy Instagram story views, you can learn detailed information if you contact our expert team. Our team is active 24/7 and informs you in a short time.  At the same time, a document is sent to you with a report. You can receive it via e-mail if you wish.

The story views you have purchased on Instagram are defined to your account after you make your payment. Along with sharing your story, you can also perform the purchase phase. There is no such thing as delayed views here. If you are experiencing it for the first time, our team of experts will take special care of you, so you can benefit with peace of mind.

Absolutely, no. When you buy Instagram story views, you only need to send the link to your story. Here, you are not asked for any extra information. There is no need for a password or personal information. When you come across pages that ask for passwords or personal information, you are advised to stay away.

In Instagram story tracking packages, users consist of Real profiles. If you wish, there are foreign packages. It is also possible to take advantage of them. It completely depends on your personal decision.

Instagram story views increase the interaction rate of the account. Thus, the page becomes more active. It is also easier to reach large audiences by going to discovery. If you want to try it, you can review our packages.

With the help of packages specially prepared for you in our company, you can buy a maximum of 20,000 story views at a time. If you want to have a higher viewership, you can make a re-purchase.

Since the stories in Instagram are deleted within 24 hours, your entire process is uploaded as fast as possible but in a natural way. In order to get more efficiency from your viewing package, you need to buy your package immediately after your post.

Since the story that was watched is deleted, the tracking process will also be deleted. However, how many views a story has is processed by Instagram algorithms and this will be to your advantage.

In order for your successful purchase to be reflected in your account, your account must not be locked. In accounts that have not been made open, your story will not be accessible and your viewing process will not be realized.

In addition to the number of views in the packages we offer you, we offer organic users. Our service is delivered instantly without the need for your password. If deemed necessary, you can return it and make your purchase smoothly with 3D secure payment.

The packages on our site have different story views to fully meet your needs. You can buy 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 story views depending on the number you need.

If your views have been successfully transmitted to your account, there is no chance of a refund. However, in cases where the views do not arrive during the transaction, technical problems occur and similar situations, we refund money. At the same time, if the transmission has not yet started after your purchase, you have the chance to cancel.

Thanks to our 24/7 live support, you can find instant solutions to all your problems. You can use [email protected] address for transportation by mail. If you want to contact us via Whatsapp, you can use the number +971 50 971 0861

Thanks to the SSL certificate, 3D secure payment and highly secure structure of our company, you can make your payments without any doubt. You are never asked for your private passwords or account numbers. You can easily make transactions with online payment.

For Instagram accounts to become more popular, it is important that the stories are many and followed by many people. Since the viewing of stories is a very specific situation, having high views will allow you to have a priority place.

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How can I buy Instagram Story Views?

We have a story views service for Instagram. Feyon.com has services for Instagram. If you want to Buy Instagram Story Views, you should follow these steps:

  • First step, click Instagram Services on the home page.
  • Second step, click on Buy Story Views packages.
  • Third step, choose the package you need and add it to your cart.
  • Fourth step, enter username and the information.
  • The fifth and final step, choose one of the payment methods and complete the process.

What is Instagram Story Views Service?

Social media interaction is possible through a variety of channels, and Instagram story viewing services make it possible to maintain high levels of interaction. 

While some of the exchanges on this channel are open to the naked eye, some are private content that only you and your account may see. One of the services that is hidden from view but significantly boosts user participation is story monitoring service.

Instagram story view buy packages are being created for users who frequently and enjoy sharing tales on the platform. With the help of these packages, you may boost the amount of interactions you have with the posts in your account and make a strong impression in the explore area. 

There are countless ways to reach other users on Instagram and the most important of these methods is statistical data. It is possible to see this data in your story and other posts you share. However, other Instagram users cannot see this data. This data is useful for the following;

  • Data such as how many people have visited your account and who has looked at your stories can be seen in the explore section of your profile. 
  • This data helps your account stand out in searches. 
  • In contact recommendation services, your account can appear in front of other users. 
  • Thanks to all this data, the interaction rate of your account increases and the popularity of your account increases. With this data, you can keep your account in the spotlight and ensure continuous interaction. 

Each Instagram user has a distinct target market. The viewing rates of the stories they share are important to account owners who wish to advertise and promote their business on Instagram. 

It is ensured that there are many viewpoints on this. Instagram story viewing buy packages is one of the services that give social media account owners answers in a timely manner.

Every user of Instagram utilizes the platform for a different reason. Some individuals might seek to develop their personal finances or build an income gate. Promotions and ads were used since they were the most effective elements. At this time, a lot of influencers use Instagram's story feature. 

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of story views in order to generate an income. One of the methods used in this is the buy Instagram story views options.

When you buy a story package, you should act according to the current status of your account. When you decide on an insufficient number for your account, the results can be negative. At this point, you can get 24/7 live support from our site for the problems you experience. By considering statistical situations for your account, we can guide you which Instagram story viewing package will be more suitable for you. 

The common features of our story monitoring packages on our site are as follows;

  • We offer 24-hour live support for all packages. You can contact us in case of any problem. 
  • Your password and private information are not requested for story purchases. 
  • All the story packages you receive show their effect in a short time. 
  • After completing your order, the tracking service starts in a short time. 

Why Should You Choose Us? 

There are numerous websites on the internet that claim to offer services that will enhance your number of followers, likes, comments, and views. The claims made by every retailer and service provider might not be accurate, though.

 While purchasing a package, certain websites could ask you for confidential information or take other actions to trick you. You might be asking how to tell these sites apart.

Sites that aim to provide dependable and high-quality services won't ask you for any private information. You should refrain from using these websites to buy services if they make such a request. Because the websites that request your sensitive information and privacy run the risk of defrauding you and perhaps stealing your account. 

Why then should you select us? Let's attempt to respond to the query. Initially, you apply for buy Instagram story views or other packages in order for your Instagram account to have a lot of interaction and grow in popularity. 

When we offer you these packages, we need your account, password, and payment details. We protect your privacy when you share this information, and we never divulge it to outside parties. For your security, we also advise against disclosing your password to anyone.

We provide you with an SSL security certificate so that you may swiftly and conveniently make your payments. Payment choices include credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and electronic funds transfer. 

We offer live support for all services you will purchase and we stay in constant contact with our customers. If you encounter any problems after purchasing the Instagram story viewing service, we refund your money within the estimated delivery time. 

After using our service, we make sure that there is no risk of decline and decrease in your viewership numbers. Otherwise, we compensate for any problems within 6 months of your order. 

We process our story and other packages immediately after purchase and endeavor to complete them within the estimated delivery time. 

Other reasons why you should prefer our site are as follows;


We are constantly interacting with our customers. 

We aim to provide high benefit in all services. 

We offer 24/7 live support. We provide live support via email and other means of communication. 


There are no barriers to the services you purchase for your social media. 

We offer our customers secure payment methods. 

We do all transactions in a legal and invoiced way. 

The Best

We offer all our services with high quality and reliable content. 

Within our package contents; In addition to followers, likes, comments and tracking services, we have many options. 

We equip the price range of each package with affordable content. 

Why to Buy Instagram Story Views?

There are many users on Instagram, and you might want to connect and converse with some of them. Having a big follower count is one of the ways that will enable you to communicate with other individuals. 

On Instagram, a lot of people start by looking at the follower count. But, only having a large number of followers won't allow you to stay active in this medium.

Use the service to purchase Instagram story views if you have an account on Instagram and your material is of a high caliber but you are not receiving the interaction rate you anticipate. You may improve your account's statistics and promote your stories to the explore area by purchasing story views. 

When you use statistical data, you can see how much time you spend on your account and how much your posts are viewed. Thus, it is possible to increase the interaction on your account by looking at this data. While highlighting your account, you can also appear in the explore section and increase the likelihood of your stories being seen. 

Based on all of this statistical information, your profile may appear highly in Instagram search results, and Instagram may start to promote you more as your profile draws more attention. Viewers of your Instagram story will add interaction, likes, comments, and followers to your profile. You can also make money off of this circumstance.

The best way to use the buy Instagram story views service would be if you have a business account and sell things. Your appearance in the explore area will increase as more people watch your tale. Your likes, follows, and comments will rise as your visibility increases. Thanks to these services, you can quickly reach your account's goal. 

There is a specific procedure needed to manage a social media account. In order to give your account a more authentic and natural appearance, you could use Instagram story viewing buy packages to balance out your follower count. 

This scenario won't seem realistic if you only have a small number of followers but your tale receives a lot of attention. You can purchase the package contents you desire from our website if you do not have a sufficient number of followers and viewers.

Your personal or business account will become one of the most visited pages as a result of the services you will receive from our website, and your sales will rise. 

With the package contents you will receive suitable for your account, changes will occur in your account and you will be able to enter the eyes of your customers more easily. You will also be able to gain the trust of your customers by increasing your number of followers, likes and comments. 

Buying story views will be the right choice for both your personal account and your business. The best way to expand your account and social media network is to take advantage of buy Instagram story views packages. Thanks to these packages, you can maximize your statistics and become one of the preferred business accounts. 

What are the Options to Increase Instagram Story Views? 

Our website works hard to make your accounts famous and to always offer the best service. The bundle components we provide include a lot of benefits and material in this direction. There are strategies you may use to enhance the number of views of the stories you upload on your social media accounts, in addition to the buy Instagram story views service. These methods are

  • You should take care to share the story you will share on your account from a vertical angle. A vertical view will give you an advantage for the number of views. 
  • Using location notifications when sharing a story will bring more engagement to your account. 
  • In order to appear in the Instagram explore section, you need to look like followed or monitored accounts. The Instagram algorithm makes your account the center of attention and puts it in front of users. When you share a story, you should stick a tag to your category. The story you tell should be related to this tag. 
  • You can engage people when you share your Reels videos as stories. 
  • A photo with compelling content can get more engagement than a video. 
  • If you are a business account and want your product to be seen, care must be taken to be reliable. Users who buy the shared product and are not satisfied may not care about your suggestions. This can have a big impact on the decision of other users. 
  • Creating content at a professional level will increase interest in your stories. 
  • When using tags, popular tags can be used as well as unpopular tags. Using only popular tags can significantly lower the rank of your posts. 

Following natural processes to stand out on social media may not always work out the way you want. If you want your account to be in a constant state of interaction, what you will do is very simple. You can get the numbers you desire by using the buy Instagram story viewing packages on our site. 

The options we offer in Instagram story viewing services are as follows;

* Turkish Active Story Views

Turkish real and Turkish active story viewing packages are available on our website if you want your Instagram account to be popular and for the stories there to be seen by Turkish active people.

 You may raise your interaction rate naturally with this package material and establish a popular Instagram account. You will be able to participate in the explore section and appear at the top of the Instagram algorithm if the majority of your followers are actual users. This will make your personal or professional account stand out as a profile that is well-known to everyone. 

* Foreign Story Views

The foreign story views service is another one of our purchase story views choices. With this package, foreign users can see and be interested in the Instagram stories you share. Your interaction rate rises when foreign users join the tale in your account. 

With the foreign story monitoring package, you will raise the level of popularity you have already attained with the Turkish active story monitoring package. You are more likely than ever to participate in the explore area thanks to the chance to view international stories. 

With the help of these packages, which you can get from our website, your social media account will develop into a household name. As a result, you will quickly achieve your targeted goals. 

How to Buy Instagram Story Views?

The statistical aspect of your account is significantly impacted by using the buy Instagram story views service on our website. 

A social media account will appear in the explore area more rapidly if it is statistically stronger. In addition, as more people watch your postings every day thanks to the story viewing feature, your fan base will grow.

Your account's statistics area is very important for improving user engagement and raising the interaction rate on your profile.

 Consequently, increasing the statistics and data in your social network account is crucial. The actions listed below will help you get more Instagram story views and maintain a high interaction rate;

  • You must log in with your username in the transactions you will make on our site. 
  • Your stories that have been active in the last 24 hours are detected and buy Instagram story views transactions are continued from the add to cart section. 
  • All the information you provide during the purchase of our services is protected under the SSL security certificate. Therefore, you should not have any concerns about security while performing your transactions. Your information is never shared with third parties, including employees. 

All views are credited to your account once you pay for the story monitoring service. You will also start to show up for other users in the explore area as your account's engagement rate starts to rise. 

As a result, thanks to the Explore, your followers will quickly grow in addition to the number of views. The impact on your account will be favorable as a result.

Your use of our website will involve absolutely no use of cheats or passwords. By making use of the desired Instagram Story viewing service, you may easily get these packages. Turkish active story monitoring and foreign story monitoring options are included in these packages.

 The transactions are defined for your account when you select one of them and click the "purchase now" button. You can have an idea about the definition time of the service by looking at the estimated delivery time during your order. 

You will be able to access the purchases you will make from our site in a completely cheat-free and password-free way. In case of any problems, you can reach our live support team and find solutions to your problems. 

In order to grow your Instagram profile, you can take advantage of buy Instagram story views services as well as buy followers, buy likes and buy comments packages. Thus, you can make your social media accounts a popular profile. 

Here are the steps you will follow to purchase the story monitoring service; 

Step 1: Enter your username to purchase the story.

Step 2: specify the number of views you wish to purchase.

Step 3: click on the “add to cart or buy now” button. If you want to complete the transaction quickly, click on the buy now button. 

Step 4: open the cart and click on the payment methods in your cart. 

Step 5: complete the transaction by choosing one of the secure payment methods. 

Step 6: Congratulations for using our service. Thanks to these services, your account is now more popular. 

After completing your transactions, your account is immediately loaded. After this process, you can have an account on the way to popularity. You can use other packages as well as buy Instagram story viewing transactions on our site. 

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