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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

The download operations performed on our site are provided completely logo-free. In addition, by choosing one of our HD, Mp4, M3 and 4K options, you can download videos in the most suitable format for you. The size of your video will vary according to the quality you have chosen.

We don't need your username or password to process your transaction. Sharing the Tiktok video link with us will be enough to complete your download. No information about your identity or account will be used during the process.

To find the link to a Tiktok video, you need to use the Tiktok app directly. Enter the video you like in Tiktok and press the share button. Select "Copy link" from the options that appear here. This will copy the link to that video.

If you are downloading on a mobile device, your Android devices save directly to the gallery. On iOS devices, your download is stored in the "Downloads" file. On computers, by default, your video will be saved in the download file you edit.

By using our website for your download, you can safely complete your download without the need for any application or extra process. By pasting the link of the video into the bar on our website, you can complete your download in a few seconds.

The videos downloaded on our site are not stored in our company, on our site or in any other area. These videos are provided only for your download. It is not possible to track your download history, copy downloaded videos and similar situations.

Enter the link to your video and press the "Download" button and your download will start. Videos usually download within a few seconds. However, in cases such as a slow internet connection, this may take up to 1 minute.

You can make unlimited downloads by entering a new link after each download. There is no daily, weekly or other time limit for downloading videos on our site. You can download the videos you want as many times as you want and start using your videos instantly.

Virus infection from downloads is a common problem. There may be a risk of virus infection on your device after downloading from unreliable platforms. However, our company successfully eliminates the factors that will reveal possible viruses and virus software. You can safely complete your download without any virus risk.

If the creator of the Tiktok video has given permission to download their videos, you can complete your download without the need for any application or website. However, these videos have a watermark on them, which means that you have received the video from the Tiktok app and a user.

It will not be possible for the person who owns the video to understand the video you have downloaded. In addition, with the logo-free and watermark-free downloads we offer you, even people who see your video will not be able to understand where or from which user you got the video.

10 Değerlendirme - Average: 5/5

  • Kanya Lewes

    Thank you very much to the Insta Dealer team. As someone new to social media, the team guided and informed me. Tiktok video downloads are also successful, the video downloaded immediately and there were no problems. Thank you to the team here, good luck.

  • Jobina Parrnell

    The video download option is very easy to use. I can say that it is one of my favorite tools among Tiktok operations. After using Tiktok video download, the process is completed immediately. I tried it on mobile and used the same options from the computer. There is no difference in quality. I think it's a reliable tool that can be used.

  • Teodora Sanson

    Everything is thought out to the finest detail for Tiktok operations. The video download, ID and analysis tools are also very high quality. You can download Tiktok videos immediately, and the sound and image quality is almost the same as Tiktok. You can process without any problems.

  • Rosanne Currey

    Thank you to the team. Thanks to you, I was able to do my Tiktok video downloads quickly. A site worth trying in terms of communication, speed and quality.

  • Ellyn Frasquito

    Tiktok video download is immediate and the image quality is good. However, sometimes there seem to be interruptions in the video. I think this is due to the file. But in general, it gives good results, so maybe there were such problems due to the video. Because the audio and video quality was very good in the processes I did later. It's a usable tool.

  • Rivi Alanson

    Probably the best social media site you've found recently. Tiktok video download and analysis works very well. I also used the packages and started getting good results. There are improved techniques in every area. The site gives confidence, transactions are fast. I recommend it to friends.

  • Gerladina Care

    You can do the operations very easily. It's one of the tools that works fast and gives good results. I used Tiktok video download for the first time. Everything from video file format to image and sound quality is thought out. I recommend the Insta Dealer team, they do their job well.

  • Michelle Yvor

    I just used the video downloader, it's fast and the resolution is good. I can't say anything about the site as the audio video is also limited. The tool works well, the contact area for transactions also responds to your questions. It is not one of the fake and ridiculous sites Tiktok video download tool deserves full points in my opinion.

  • Danice Hayyim

    Videos can also be downloaded via mobile. The images are of good quality and there is no problem with the sound. You can use it with peace of mind for your Tiktok video downloads. One of the few good sites you can find on the internet. It is great that it offers free options as well as reliable.

  • Angelle Eddie

    Tiktok video downloads are excellent. The resolution and sound quality is one of the best I've ever found. Thank you very much to the Insta Dealer team for fulfilling its duty in this regard. It is the best video downloader I have used for free. Have a great day.

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