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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

For the like cheat, first of all, please provide the correct URL link link of the post to be sent likes. Since the transaction is irreversible, inaccuracy is the responsibility of the customer. The account must not be hidden and must be used publicly.

The price of Instagram likes packages varies according to the number of likes. We always offer our packages at the most affordable and accessible prices. You can also take advantage of extra discounts from time to time.

No, we have never had a customer whose account was closed due to the purchase of Instagram likes. Likes are sent in accordance with the algorithm. Therefore, it does not create any security problems.

It will not be obvious that your likes are sent with cheating. Because the likes are from real and active accounts. However, your number of likes must be compatible with your account. You can buy followers if you wish.

No, we do not need the account's password to send likes to the account you want. The password is important to keep the account secure. We do not require a password for any of our services. Do not trust companies that request a password.

No, the likes sent by our company are guaranteed. In other words, there is no situation such as dropping or taking back after sending. We offer you all our services 100% guaranteed and 100% reliable.

No, a like cannot be canceled after purchase. Because there is no such thing as undoing the likes we send to the account. If you want to cancel, the time is very limited. You can cancel before sending starts.

The process of buying likes is very short. The time it takes for your likes to be sent varies according to the number of your purchases. The longest time is 24 hours. Your transaction is started immediately after payment.

Yes, Instagram likes cheat is reliable. It is enough to fulfill the information requested from you completely according to the rules. It does not create a security vulnerability for your account. Your likes are sent in a short time without any problems.

Yes, buying likes first increases the popularity of your account. Your account attracts the attention of more people. The chance of falling into the discovery increases. In this way, the number of organic followers, likes and views also increases.

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    Sharing something on Instagram is fun, but it takes a long time to be successful. But when I found your site, I saw that it was not difficult at all. In just a few minutes, with the fast transaction guarantee and my gift likes, I got more likes than I wanted, and hence the number of followers. Thanks.

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    I was trying so hard to get more likes for my photos on Instagram. Then I discovered your service that works like magic. Gave me hundreds of real likes in just a few minutes. You have fascinated me with packages that are very easy to use and prepared at the most affordable prices, with gift likes. Thanks for everything.

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    When I first opened my Instagram account, it was very difficult to gain real followers and likes. I tried many ways but they were all fake. Then one day I came across your website. They provide you with real Instagram likes and comments. Now I have more likes than the package I bought.

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    I was quite worried about my low number of likes on Instagram. Because of your services on your site that I met a while ago, now I get thousands of likes on my posts and I have more followers every day. According to the package I bought, the gift likes you offer are also very special. I am very satisfied with your passwordless transactions and secure payment methods.

  • Loria Osborne

    I was very surprised to see that my first photo on Instagram got more than 500 likes in a few hours. I had not seen this effect in the posts I tried to make it viral. With the information I got from your live support, I don't think of working with anyone other than you anymore. If you want to go viral on Instagram, I recommend you to take advantage of this service.

  • Shani Burk

    I used to struggle to get likes on my Instagram posts. Then I found the services on your site that worked like magic. Now my photos get likes and comments every time. I started getting thousands of likes on my posts within hours. Moreover, you are doing an excellent job by offering a gift like, without asking for a password in transactions.

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