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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

For downloading on devices with IOS operating system, you must first enter our website from the Safari application. Then you need to copy the link of the story you want to download from the Instagram application by pressing the share button and paste it in the relevant place on our website. However, you are expected to comment in order to activate the download button.

You can download video and picture stories or highlights using the story downloader tool on our company. Our download tool has been developed to ensure that all the downloads you need are completed smoothly.

A video or picture shared as a story cannot be downloaded directly. You need to use the Instagram story download tool available in our company for your download. Otherwise, a quality download will not be possible.

Using high download technology, our company provides you with high quality videos or images after your download. We ensure that the images you have downloaded with minimal quality loss still look good. There are no pixel pixel appearance and similar problems in your images.

Our company does not contain any malware called viruses. Your download is completed safely and your device will not be negatively affected by this download.

You can share your downloaded stroy videos as videos wherever you want. Your downloaded video will be saved as a file directly to your device from which you downloaded it.

No notification or trace will be left after your download. The person whose story you have downloaded will not be aware of this download.

If you want to download someone's story, that person's account must be open. It will not be possible to make any downloads from hidden accounts. It will not be possible to access the stories of these people.

You do not need to pay any fee for the downloads performed on our site. Our company has a system that is fully developed and offered free of charge.

There are no limitations for using the story download tool on our website. Once you have completed one download, you can immediately perform your next download. You can use this process as many times as you want.

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  • Marysa Sax

    I was very disappointed that I couldn't download Instagram photos. In addition, I was experiencing a big drop in my number of comments and likes. When I discovered your site, I saw that you offer Instagram photo download feature. I wanted to try it immediately and it worked perfectly. From now on, I can easily download and archive any photo I want and increase my comments and likes.

  • Madlin Aldridge

    I was spending days and hours on Instagram, but it was really hard to download the photos and comments I wanted. That's why I saw the Instagram photo download service offered on your site. At first I wasn't sure if it would work, but it's so easy to download and archive photos in a few clicks. Now I can download any photo I want.

  • Blinni Samson

    Before I got to know your service, my photos weren't getting likes and I couldn't even download the photos and comments I wanted. But thanks to the Instagram photo download feature I found on your site, I can download the photos I want and when I post them again, I continue to get hundreds of likes and comments. My account continues to grow.

  • Crissy Nappie

    I used to be upset about the lack of Instagram comments on my photos. After I bought your comment service, tons of likes and comments started to come. However, I was not very successful in downloading photos. I used your Instagram photo download service with your other services on your site and I was very satisfied. With just one click, I can download and archive photos.

  • Lucita Christy

    I wanted to download Instagram photos, but it was a lot of work. When I reviewed your site, I didn't think it could be so easy to download photos. With your Instagram photo download service, I can both download photos and archive them without losing my comments and likes. Thanks to your quality service, I started to become a much more popular account than before.

  • Sadye Shaun

    I wanted to download comments from my recent photos, but it was very difficult. Fortunately, I found your Instagram photo download service on your site and now everything is much easier. Moreover, I don't hesitate to download and archive the photo I want. I like your service very much. You work in a quality and professional way.

  • Georgeanne Thorny

    I used to spend hours to get likes and comments on my Instagram photos, and at the same time I had no way to download and archive the photo I wanted. However, after getting to know your site, I realized that this is very easy. With a few clicks, I can download photos, get comments and likes, and get more followers on Instagram.

  • Diane-Marie Ari

    I used to get comments on my Instagram photos, but after I changed my username, I lost all my followers. Now I started using your Instagram photo download service to download my photos and get my old comments and followers back. I have more than I used to. I can archive my photos without having to spend hours searching for lost comments.

  • Daffy Jud

    I always wanted to get more attention on my Instagram account. I tried many things but nothing worked. Then I found your service that allows me to download comments from other people's photos. Now my photos get a lot more likes, comments and shares. Your service works great. Now I can easily download all the photos and comments I want.

  • Juline Arch

    I was very sad that there was no photo download feature on Instagram. However, with your Instagram photo download service that allows me to download all my Instagram photo comments, many things have changed on my account. Thanks to this service, I can download my comments and photos, archive them and share them again, aiming to get likes and comments.

  • Averil Pattie

    It was very important to know what my followers were thinking and talking about. But I didn't know how to download stories on Instagram. Thanks to the service I found on your site, I can now download stories in one or two movements and archive them for later use. My interaction has started to increase much more and the number of my followers has also started to increase.

  • Viki Clementius

    When I deleted my Instagram stories, I realized that I didn't want to lose their comments. That's why I started using your Instagram story download service. Now I can download the story I want with a few clicks and I don't lose my comments. I received a quality and professional service. I no longer worry about losing my comments and likes.

  • Angy Kipper

    I used to spend hours manually collecting my Instagram story comments one by one. Now I can get them all in a few clicks. With the Instagram story download service I saw on your site, everything changed. Now I can download and archive any story I want and everything is just a few clicks away with this service.

  • Dreddy Bondy

    I used to manually screenshot and save my favorite stories, but I didn't have any way to archive them. However, when I researched your site, I can download and archive my favorite stories by performing the Instagram story download process in minutes. My posts also get more likes now.

  • Dacie Aylmar

    I was looking for a solution to download stories on Instagram. After my research, I met your service. You have done a really professional job with Instagram story download. Now I can download and archive the story I want. On top of that, I get more comments and likes than before. I congratulate you for your quality and professional service.

  • Lorelle Glen

    I used to spend hours trying to get comments on my Instagram stories, which could be frustrating, especially when I didn't get any results. When I met your story download service on Instagram, I started sharing and downloading and archiving all the stories I wanted. Thanks to the very easy process, I can share stories over and over again. Your service is very high quality and professional.

  • Meghann Owen

    I was always afraid of losing my Instagram comments. But now, with the Instagram story download service I got from your site, I can download and backup all my Instagram story comments. Moreover, to archive the stories I want, I complete the download process by performing just a few clicks. It's all done in a few minutes. A super service.

  • Brittni Edouard

    I've been struggling to get more comments on my Instagram stories, but it was very difficult and challenging to re-share a story or download another story. Thanks to your Instagram story download service on your site, I can now download any story I want and repost it whenever I want.

  • Ansley Marc

    I've been wanting to download my stories on Instagram for a long time. Not being able to do that was very frustrating. Then I found the Instagram story download service on your site. Everything changed a lot in an instant and made my job easier. With just a few clicks, I can download the stories I want and increase my comments and likes.

  • Edy Cy

    I was tired of manually collecting story comments and wasting time on Instagram. I tried many tools but they were all bullshit. Then I discovered your site and performed the Instagram story download process. Now I can download the stories I want and add them to my archive. Moreover, you work very well and professionally. It works perfectly in your live chat which gives the best answers to my questions.

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