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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

For the photo download process in Android, after copying the link of the photo to be downloaded from Instagram, you can download from our website in the internet browser you want. The downloaded file automatically appears in the gallery.

In order to download on iPhone devices, you must first copy the link of the image to be downloaded from the Instagram application. Then you can enter our website and paste it into the relevant box and complete your download.

There is no such situation as storing the download operations in our company. Our company does not store in any way. It only serves as an intermediary application for downloading the file.

Downloads made through our company automatically land in the "Downloads" section on your device. However, if you have selected another download area for your download, your downloaded file will land in the area you specified.

In addition to photo downloading, you can also perform video downloading, story downloading and similar operations within our company. All these tools are offered completely free of charge.

In the photo download process within our company, we offer the best performance in order not to deteriorate the quality of the existing photo. In other words, the quality of the photos you have downloaded will be quite high. However, this depends on the current quality of the image you want to download.

In order to download Instagram photos, we must have direct access to that person's photo. It will not be possible to access the photos of a hidden account. Therefore, it is not possible to download photos of hidden accounts.

Our company always uses tools with the highest security and technology. You will not encounter any viruses or similar situations after your download. You can perform a quality download with the highest security.

This service we offer you within our company is provided completely free of charge. You do not need to pay any fee for your video or photo downloads.

As Feyon, we provide you with mp4 format video and jpg format photo downloads. You can use the content in these formats, which are the most popular file formats in the world, in any area you want without encountering any problems.

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  • Darell Brook

    I tried it on computer and tablet, Instagram photos were downloaded very quickly and without losing any of their quality. The system is very well designed, and transactions can also be made via mobile. The site offers good options for your Instagram photo downloads. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's free, it's a reliable site.

  • Shanie Cornelius

    It's truly the best Instagram photo converter I've ever used. The process was done immediately and there was no harm in terms of resolution. It is a free service where you can make unlimited transactions. I wanted to thank Insta dealer for this.

  • Terrijo Sean

    I did not know of such a service that I could use for free. Instagram photo downloads are very high quality. Especially successful in format conversion and mobile phone. I can say that it meets the expectations in terms of downloading and conversion. I tried it on both computer and phone. In both places the images are good in terms of resolution.

  • Melania Hanson

    Download Instagram photos in high quality and fast. I know it's one of the best sites I've ever searched for. Package features and free services also offer quality options. The program has the potential for immediate download and processing without losing any resolution. I found enough to use

  • Noelyn Pavel

    First of all, thank you very much for this free service. Like all services in the system, the Instagram photo download application is also successful. The team works very well and lives up to expectations. I hope you can always stay in this quality. Have a nice day.

  • Stacy Stanford

    Photos download in Instagram quality. There was no breakdown or damage to my device. I use it on my Samsung device, usually all the photos are downloaded in the same resolution as they are. The mobile optimization service was also in place. Thank you very much to the insta dealer team.

  • Kiele Dolf

    It is a nice application so that you can download as many Instagram photos as you want. Recently, I also took advantage of their packages. A site you can trust, problems are solved immediately. You can also download photos for free. I would like to say that I find it generous in this regard as well. Thanks a lot.

  • Leela Wat

    I also found it very good that it is free. Instagram photos downloaded in high quality resolution. Tried it on mobile and it interacted quickly. Thank you to the Insta Dealer team. They both work very well, and in many ways they know what your expectations are. Package services are also of the same quality.

  • Lucky Krishna

    It has been a quality service for archiving photos. It's a fast and resolution good app when it comes to raining the download. I got the same performance on mobile and computer. Thank you very much for your services. The best you can use among the current algorithms.

  • Xena Mendel

    Instagram services are very fast. While taking advantage of the package features last week, I saw the photo service in the free section. Instagram can download photos successfully and quickly. I can say that it is one of the applications that meet the expectations in a short time.

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