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We have compiled the most FAQ by our customers for you.

Yes, as with all services of our company, comment cheating is guaranteed. If you have any problems after the transaction, you can contact us directly. We provide 24/7 live support service. All our transactions are guaranteed.

Paste the link of the post to be commented on completely and correctly. The account must not be private for comments to be made. You can send as many comments as you want 24/7 to your public account.

No, it is absolutely not understood that you are using a comment trick. We provide confidential service to all of our customers. Comments are made from real and active accounts. Therefore, no one can understand. Not all comments are posted at the same time and the algorithm-appropriate system is applied.

Yes, if you want the post to be commented in Real, it is done in Real. It is enough to use Real comment cheat packages. Comments are made according to your post from Real accounts. Real comments are sent from real Real accounts that are 100% compatible with your content.

All payment methods for buying Instagram comments are reliable. Bank transfer, credit card and mobile payment methods are used. You can make 3D secure payment.

When you want to buy comments on your account, simply complete the process. Comments will start to be sent immediately after you make your payment. Depending on the number of comments you purchase, the time is limited to a maximum of 24 hours.

No, you do not need to share your account password with us in order to comment on posts in your account. The password is important to ensure the reliability of your account. Therefore, you do not need to share your password with any organization.

There is no such thing as deletion after buying an Instagram comment trick. All comments are permanently sent to your post. It is not deleted and undeleted. As long as you keep sharing, the comments will always stay there.

Instagram comment trick allows you to increase the interaction rate of your account. When the interaction of my account increases, other features such as the number of followers and the number of likes also increase. When the number of comments increases, the natural comment increases.

Yes, as the number of comments on the posts in your account increases, their popularity will increase. In this way, the number of views of your content also increases. It is also important for the algorithm. Every comment for videos or posts increases engagement.

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  • Allie Kirk

    The number of likes and comments was decreasing day by day. I didn't know what to do. I was very happy when I saw your service where I could get thousands of comments on my posts on Instagram. Moreover, comments specific to the posts come organically and I get comments and likes from 100% Turkish users. Password-free purchases show that you are reliable and of high quality.

  • Wandie Rem

    After meeting your services, I realized that being successful on Instagram is easier than I thought. To get real and organic comments, I got your Instagram comment hack package. Where before there was a maximum of 10 likes and comments, now I am faced with hundreds of likes and comments. Your services are very high quality and your live support works very professionally.

  • Emmalyn Marijn

    I was so jealous of my friends who got tons of Instagram comments and likes on their posts. I noticed that their success in this regard is the services they receive from your site. I continue to receive genuine reviews with a secure payment method and fast delivery time with password-free transactions. Thank you for all the information provided by your live support.

  • Leeanne Izzy

    I was feeling desperate to get more Instagram likes and comments. I didn't know how to make my photos more visible. Now, when I use your services, I see that my job is easier. Moreover, all the comments are real and organic. I found more than I wanted. Thanks.

  • Malory Samson

    Although I used to get a lot of likes and comments on my Instagram posts, I recently lost my interest. This shook me a lot. But when I saw your service, I wanted to try it. The fact that you do not require any password during the purchase process and that the comments specific to the share come from 100% Turkish and real users made my job easier.

  • Phil Boycie

    The fact that my Instagram posts continue to receive few likes has disappointed me greatly. But when I did research, I found that many people are using your services. I decided to try your lowest package for trial purposes. Now I think it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Your quality live support has helped me a lot. Thanks.

  • Annemarie Baxy

    The slow growth of my blog worried me a lot. I tried many things to get more traffic but the result was zero. I found your site on the internet and got your comment cheat package. I was satisfied with reliable and quality service with secure payment methods and password-free transactions. I wish you continued success.

  • Mirilla Garv

    It was taking hours for me to get likes and comments on my posts on Instagram. I thought I would never get my account up to 10K. But then I reviewed your services. I started to receive my comments specific to the post within 5 minutes at the most. I made the purchase without providing a secure payment method and password and now I have more than I wanted.

  • Elfie Matthias

    I'm not new to Instagram. But I want to get more likes and comments on my posts. For this, I received your comment packages from 100% Turkish and real users, where comments are made specifically for sharing, without giving any password. Now I have more comments and likes than before. Moreover, there is an increase in the number of followers.

  • Essa Corbett

    I was getting thousands of interactions on my posts on Instagram. But when they changed the algorithm, it started to get harder now. I solved this problem with your Instagram comment cheat package that I found on your site. Thanks to the comments from 100% Turkish and real users, I made the purchase without giving a password. Making special comments on the post also attracted me.

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